Brocken - the highest mountain in the Harz

The Brocken is one of the most popular hiking destinations in the Harz. Its summit is more than 1,140 metres high and can be reached on various paths (Hike to the Brocken - All hiking trails on the Brocken). Around the Brockenplateau there is a circular path. When the weather is fine, the view from there reaches more than a hundred kilometres in all directions.
In summer the visit of the Brockengartens is an experience especially for plant lovers. There, on the barren, treeless Brockenkuppe, the Brocken anemone, the budgerigar gentian and many other rare plant species bloom, which are otherwise only to be seen in the high mountains. The weather on the Brocken is often uncomfortable, cold, windy and foggy. Then the hiker will find a protected place in the cloud house, in the Brockenhaus or at the Brockenwirt.
The Brocken is the highest of the Harz mountains, depending on the chosen route the ascent is more or less difficult. Alternatively the journey with a covered wagon or the Brockenbahn offers itself, back can be wandered. For example via the Eckerlochstieg or the Alte Bobbahn to Schierke.


Hiking, exploring caves and discovering old towns in the Harz Mountains

Wothers belongs to the traditional activities in the Harz. In addition, mountain bike tours are becoming increasingly popular. Cyclists can look forward to daring descents and challenging single trails. Thus also the higher locations in the national park Harz like Brocken and Achtermann can be explored on two wheels.
Discover the most beautiful Tour destinations in the Harz
Whether on foot or by bike, there is a lot to discover on the tours through the Harz region. For example, the short WaldWandelWeg in the Großer Torfhausmoor is intended to show the primeval forest of tomorrow, and an excursion to the nearby National Park Visitor Centre rounds off the experience. Between long walks, old towns with enchanting half-timbered houses invite you to take a stroll. Goslar also has the famous Kaiserpfalz and the visitor mine Rammelsberg to offer and in Wernigerode , the colourful town on the Harz, a fairytale looking castle lures. Adventurous people can plan an excursion to castle ruin Regenstein and then hike to sand caves . A visit to a stalactite cave also promises an exciting experience. In addition, the low mountain ranges contain churches worth seeing, such as the wooden church in Stiege or the blue church in Clausthal-Zellerfeld. The excursion to the Nordic stave church in Hahnenklee can be easily combined with hikes on the Liebesbankweg or Heilklima hiking trails.

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