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With the Ranger around the summit of Brocken

Hiking on the Brocken

You will explore the Brocken with a ranger. You will learn interesting facts about history, nature, meteorology, mysticism and poetry. Already Goethe was fascinated by the Brocken and has dedicated a literary heritage to it with his Harzreise. Depending on the weather, you can enjoy the view over the Harz Mountains or hike above the clouds. From the Brockenkuppen you can observe the entrance of the nostalgic Brockenbahn.

You can climb the Brocken on your own (The most beautiful hiking tours on the Brocken) or enjoy a ride on the steam locomotive.

Language of the event: German

The circular hike lasts about 1 hour and has a length of about 1.6 km.

Start: daily at 12.15 p.m.
Meeting point: Mid-May to mid-October: southern end of Brockenbahnhof, mid-October to mid-May: in front of Brockenhaus

Costs: a donation is expected

The Brocken circular hiking trail is not barrier-free!

Organizer: Harz National Park

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Discover the National Park with the Ranger

Hiking in the Harz National Park

This medium hike explores the Harz National Park around Bad Harzburg. Immerse yourself in the woods, which become a new wilderness here. Learn how the national park supports the forest on its way to wilderness and how the lynx have become native again. Wonderful views, different types of forest and all kinds of little wonders along the way are just waiting to be discovered. After the hike it is worth visiting the Haus der Natur.

Hints: From Bad Harzburg it is only one jump to the Luchs. The lynx enclosure is located directly on the raven cliffs. Please note the lynx feeding event.

Language of the event: German

Duration approx. 3.5 hours ride with the Burgberg cable car is possible.

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Discover animal tracks with the Ranger

Go on this easy tour together with the national park ranger on the search for animal tracks. The family-friendly round trip starts at the Drei Annen Hohne car park, which you can also reach by Harzer Schmalspurbahn.

After the approx. 2-3 hour hike, a visit to the nearby HohneHof Nature Adventure Centre, which is largely barrier-free, is a good idea. With a café, adventure playground, research rooms and a varied outdoor area, it offers numerous opportunities for young and old to experience, discover and enjoy nature.
Language of the event: German
Duration approx. 2-3 hours

Organizer: Harz National Park

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Lynx feeding

Lynx feeding in Bad Harzburg

In Bad Harzburg directly at the raven cliffs lies the lynx enclosure. Twice a week (Wednesdays and Saturdays at 14:30) there is a public feeding of the otherwise shy wild cats. You can watch the feeding and learn interesting things about lynxes. The Luchsgehe can be reached over numerous well signposted footpaths. The path has a length of approx. 4 km. At the raven cliffs there is a refreshment with a fantastic view of the Brocken. The hike can be shortened with the Burgberg cable car. You save approx. 200 metres in altitude. The lynx enclosure is easily accessible with a pram.

Language of the event: German

Lynx feeding in Bad Harzburg
Lynx feeding in Bad Harzburg

Costs: none

From April to the beginning of November the bus line “Grüner Harzer” (KVG bus line 875) runs between Bad Harzburg and the lynx enclosure at the Rabenklippe. The journey takes about 20 minutes from the stop Berliner Platz, Bad Harzburg.

A journey with the own car is not possible!

Organizer: National Park Harz

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Guided tour with the night watchman through Blankenburg

Blankenburg Night watchman tour

Experience the historic old town from Blankenburg with the night watchman. Curious stories and historical events are brought to life when the call “hear the people and let them say…” echoes through the dark alleys of the old town of Blankenburg.

Language of the event: German

Costs: Adults 5,50 € (with holiday ticket voucher: 5,00 €), children 4 € (with holiday ticket voucher: 3,50 €)

Duration approx. 1 hour.

Organizer: Blankenburg Tourism

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The Green Belt – from the death strip to the lifeline

Hiking in the Harz Mountains - Harzer Grenzweg

The medium hike starts in Torfhaus. A historical search for traces in the German-German border region. The mining is characteristic for the Harz and is still present in many places today. What traces has history left behind and how is the National Park developing today? Beautiful hike in the Oberharz with historical references.
Language of the event: German

Meeting point: Hiking meeting place behind the National Park Visitor Centre TorfHaus

Duration: approx. 4.5 hours. Difficult passages, 10-12 km. Backpack catering is recommended. There is a place to stop at the end of the tour.

Special event with fee: 5 € children, 10 € adults, 20 € families (2 adults and children up to 16 years), Registration required by phone 05320 331790

Organizer: Harz National Park

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With the night watchman through Quedlinburg

Quedlingburg Night watchman tour

In the evening hours you accompany the Quedlinburg night watchman or monastery governor on his walk through the narrow alleys of the old town. He knows how to tell many an anecdote or curious story from Quedlinburg’s past.
Language of the event: German

The event will not take place on 24 and 31 December.

Duration: 75 – 90 minutes

Costs: 9,50 € per person (can be paid directly on site).

Meeting point: Markt 4, 06484 Quedlinburg

Organizer: QTM GmbH and The Friendly Tourism Information

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Discover with the Ranger the Fire Salamander in the Ilsetal

Discover the fire salamander in the Ilsetal with the ranger

With the Ranger in search of the fire salamander. On this easy hike the participants will get to know the fire salamander as well as other species of animals native to the Ilse.
Language of the event: German
Duration approx. 3-4 hours, backpack food recommended.

Organizer: Harz National Park

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Night hike – legends and myths about Walpurgis

Walpurgis Night in the Harz Mountains

If you can’t wait for Walpurgis anymore, the National Park House Sankt Andreasberg invites you to a 2-hour family evening hike on Friday, 27 April. Big and small participants dive into the Harz legends and myths. With a little luck we even meet a real figure of the legendary mountain wilderness during the two-hour tour. Tip: Bring a flashlight!

The tour starts at 8 p.m. at the Dreibrodesteine hiking car park on the L 519 Sankt Andreasberg – Sonnenberg, junction Rehberger Grabenhaus.
Registration is NOT required.

Language of the event: German

Special event with fee: 4 € children, 6 € adults, 14 € families.

Organizer: Harz National Park

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Historical tour of the castle and fortress Regenstein

Castle Regenstein

The castle ruin Regenstein lies on an approx. 290 meters high sandstone rock which drops steeply on three sides. The castle ruins contain numerous historical finds and an open-air museum. From the castle one has a wonderful view of the city Blankenburg and the Harzer Vorland.

<strong>Duration:</strong> approx. 1 hour
<strong>Meeting point:</strong> Castle and fortress Regenstein, cashier’s house
Language of the event: German
Price per person: 7,00 € (with holiday ticket voucher 6.50 €)* admission included
Children: 5.50 € (with holiday ticket voucher 4.70 €)* admission included

Harzcard holders: adults € 5.50 (with holiday ticket voucher € 5.00) including entrance fee
Children: 4.00€ (with holiday ticket voucher 3.50 €) including entrance fee

<strong>Organizer: on site

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