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Reservoirs in the Harz Mountains - Mandelholz Reservoir

The most beautiful reservoirs in the Harz Mountains


Numerous reservoirs in the Harz invite vacationers for fishing, paddling and hiking. Beautiful hiking trails surround the imposing buildings and invite you to a day trip or an extended hike. Some reservoirs may be navigated by boats. On the Okerstausee, the MS Aquamarin even crosses its own liner ship. The reservoirs in the Harz Mountains offer a wealth of fish and are embedded in a beautiful landscape.

Dams in the Harz Mountains – destinations for anglers and hikers

Eckertalsperre – Reservoir with Brockenblick

The Eckertalsperre lies between the Brockenkuppe and Bad Harzburg, half in Lower Saxony, half in Saxony-Anhalt. It went into operation in 1943, a short time later the downstream power plant below the dam, which is still used for energy generation, was also completed. The dam also fulfils its purposes as a drinking water reservoir and flood protection system to this day. The Eckerstausee with its wild and romantic Harz landscape, great Brockenblicken and an easy circular trail pleases the hiker.

A glacial glacier created the reservoir, which holds slightly more than 14 million cubic metres of water when fully dammed. Then the water surface from the inlet of the corner to the dam measures 680 square meters. The 235 metre long crown of the gravity dam is 559 metres above sea level. This makes the Eckertalsperre the smallest and highest dam in the Harz mountains. It is mainly fed by the river Ecker and the tributaries Kleine and Große Pesecke.

For excursionists the Eckertalsperre is only accessible on foot and by bike. Popular starting points are Bad Harzburg, Torfhaus and Ilsenburg. A varied hiking trail leads around the reservoir. It is about 10 kilometres long and offers access to the road network of the Harz National Park. Among the striking targets in the immediate vicinity are the Sharp stone cliffs with the ranger station and the Wolkenhaus. Persistent hikers can go as far as Brockengipfel.

The most beautiful dams in the Harz Mountains – the Eckertalsperre on the show map

Granetal barrier – inflow from the river Oker and Innerste

The Granetalsperre dam was built between 1966 and 1969, making it the youngest dam in the Harz Mountains. The dam is located above the Herzog Juliushütte settlement and supplies drinking water to the northern Harz foreland. The Granes reservoir divides into two arms. Its eastern arm is fed by the Grane, Wiehnbach and Varlybach flow into the western arm. In addition, water is supplied from the dams of Oker and Innerste. The Granetalsperre is a popular watercourse for fly fishing, but swimming and water sports are not allowed. Hikers and cyclists can circle the Granestausee on an approximately 17 km long forest road. Detailed information on the subject of dams in the Harz Mountains can be found in the exhibition in the Grane-Wasserwerk next to the dam.

The most beautiful dams in the Harz Mountains – the Granetalsperre on Google Maps

Dam Neustadt – the most beautiful dam in the Harz

The Neustadt dam is located in Südharz and supplies the inhabitants of Neustadt and Nordhausen in Thuringia with drinking water. For this purpose, a gravity dam was erected in 1904/05 to dam the Krebsbach. Almost two decades later, the crown of the wall was raised with concrete, further conversions and renovation work followed. Thus a barrier was created, on the water side asphaltic concrete seals the masonry and out of the water protrude original replicas of the original take towers.

Seen from the air side, the natural stone wall with two sliding houses makes an impressive impression. The reservoir, which is almost 1.5 kilometres long, measures about 200 metres at its widest point. Thus an approximate water surface of 14 hectares comes together, whose shore area is completely fenced. The dam wall of the Neustadt dam may not be crossed. However, a Shoreway leads along the wooded reservoir, which allows a circular hike. Access by car is not possible. Hikers and cyclists reach the dam on various routes from Neustadt and Hainfeld.

The most beautiful dams in the Harz Mountains – the Dam Neustadt on Google Maps

Sösetalsperre – Anglers and hikers feel comfortable here

A few kilometres above the small town of Osterode in the Harz Mountains lies the Sösetalsperre. It was built to protect against flooding and as a drinking water reservoir and completed in 1931. Further purposes are energy generation in hydropower plants and the compensation of low water levels. Anglers appreciate the abundance of fish in the Söses reservoir, whose wooded banks invite to hiking and cycling. The Söse dam consists of an 18 metre high dam, a main dam, an outer dam and an equalising reservoir. The Sösetalsperre is easily accessible by public transport and motor vehicles. Four parking lots have been set up directly on the 12 kilometre long Runway of the dams. This path also crosses the dams of the main and outer barrier and a fish nature trail.

The most beautiful dams in the Harz Mountains – the Sösetalsperre on Google Maps

Okertalsperre – cruise with the liner on the reservoir

The Okertalsperre is located in the Oberharz, below the mountain town Altenau. It was completed in the middle of the 20th century. Today, the dam serves mainly to protect against flooding, to increase the low water level and to generate energy in the hydropower plant Romkerhalle. Seen from the air, it explains why the Oker dam is also called blue Ypsilon. Around the Dietrichsberg mountain range, the reservoir divides into two main arms. The eastern Altenauer Arm is mainly fed by the eponymous Oker and its tributaries.

The rivers Lange, Schalke, Riesenback, Aeke and Große Bramke fill the western Schulenberg arm. With its approximately 225 hectares of water surface, the Okerstausee enables numerous water sports activities such as diving, fishing, surfing and swimming. It may be navigated by non-motorised craft. From its shore there are charming hiking trails through the valley and up to the surrounding cliffs. With the MS Aquamarin the only linership of the Harzer Dams operates on the Okertalsperre. The main jetty is located at the White water bridge.

The most beautiful dams in the Harz Mountains – the Okertalsperre on Google Maps

Odertalsperre – destination for water sports enthusiasts and anglers

Directly on the federal road 27, a few kilometres above the health resort Bad Lauterberg, the Oder dam shapes the landscape. It went into operation in 1934 and dams dams the Harz stream of the Oder. This rises on the Brockenfeld, is already dammed up once at Sankt Andreasberg to the Oderteich and flows into the Rhume at Katlenburg. The barrage was constructed as flood protection and to regulate low water levels, and a power plant was also built to generate energy.

In addition, the picturesquely situated Oderstausee has developed into a popular excursion destination. It attracts water sports enthusiasts and anglers as well as hikers, cyclists and nature lovers. Depending on the water level, the reservoir extends over a length of up to 5 kilometres and offers space for sailing and canoeing boats. However, motorboats are not permitted. Boat sites and the bathing shore are located in the area of the inlet of the bell valley on the south shore. The Odertalsperre dam is an integral part of the region’s network of hiking trails and can be used as a starting point for a hike to the Stöberhai shark, for example.

The most beautiful dams in the Harz – the Odertalsperre on Maps show

Talsperre Mandelholz – In the middle of the national park

Almond dam is a melodious name for the flood protection basin Kalte Bode. It is located between Elend and Königshütte, in the middle of Nature Park Harz. The dam of the barrage measures 224 metres in length and is about 28 metres high. In full stowage, the reservoir covers an area of approximately 55 hectares and in places reaches the Harz spruce forest. With a rich fish stock, the water is interesting for anglers. The relatively small Mandelholz dam is situated in a varied hiking area. It can be easily integrated into a longer round walk and also enables shorter walks. The car park at the Bundesstraße 27 near Mandelholz is a suitable starting point.

The most beautiful dams in the Harz Mountains – the Talsperre Mandelholz on Google

Rappbodetal dam – the dam in the Harz with the largest offer for holidaymakers

The Rappbodetalsperre is a visitor magnet between Hasselfelde, Rübeland and Blankenburg. Idyllic bays and a lot of forest border the shore of the branched reservoir. Its riverside paths are integrated into the network of hiking trails in the Harz mountains and the country road 96 runs directly over the crown of the wall with a tunnel. Nature lovers get their money’s worth just as adventurers do.

Further information on activities at the Rappbode dam can be found here.

Hassel Vorsperre – Circular trail with nature trail

The Hassel dam is part of the Rappbode dam system. Behind the 21 meter high dam the mountain stream Hassel dams up to the 25 hectare large Hasselstausee. The future drinking water will be mechanically and biologically pre-purified in the preliminary barrier and passed on to the main barrier. Therefore swimming, boating and other activities on the reservoir are prohibited. Fishing is basically allowed, the species-rich fish population makes the Fishing cards coveted. In addition, the barrage serves to generate electricity in the adjoining power plant. Around the Hasselvorsperre there is a six kilometre circular hiking trail, which also passes a nature trail. The dam wall of the Hasselvorsperre is located northwest of Hasselfelde and can be walked on.

The most beautiful dams in the Harz Mountains – the Hasselvorsperre on Google Maps

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