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Open-air swimming pools and lakes in the Harz


Hiking or swimming? Both are possible in the Harz Mountains. Because the low mountain range rich in water is blessed with idyllic bathing lakes and great open-air swimming pools. Bathing waters can be found in all Harz regions, from South Harz to the northern Harz foreland. In the Upper Harz region, the bathing ponds of the Oberharzer Wasserregal, a UNESCO World Heritage site, are particularly attractive.

There are so-called dredging lakes and naturally formed lakes, in addition some reservoirs of the dams are open for bathing. The Environmental Agency regularly samples the approved bathing lakes and bathing ponds in order to take appropriate measures if necessary. For the most part, the water quality in the Harz is classified as very good, so bathers can plunge into the cool water without worrying. Many waters are actually cool. Because they are fed by clear mountain streams or springs and the banks lie in the shade of the Harz forests. Secluded small bays but also extensive natural beaches invite you to take a bath. Sometimes the ground in the shore area is stony, then bathing shoes are recommended.

Open air baths and bathing lakes in the Harz

Swimming pools in the Harz Mountains
Beach volleyball in the Outdoor Pool Bodeperle

From outdoor swimming pools to forest swimming pools – in the Harz Mountains everyone gets his money’s worth

Many beaches in Harz are not guarded, bathing is at your own risk. If you want to swim under safe supervision, you should use one of the open-air pools. Their infrastructure also includes toilets, changing rooms and restaurants. Additional fun is provided by slides, ball playgrounds or the rental of water sports equipment. The choice ranges from the hidden forest swimming pool with natural pool over the beach swimming pool at the lake to the outdoor pool with tiled swimming pool. Whether families, individualists, bathers with dogs, nudists, everyone can find a bathing spot in the Harz that corresponds to their special preferences. When there is no bathing weather outside, numerous swimming pools and adventure pools make bathing fun possible.

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