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Harzer Wandernadel

The Harzer Wandernadel – Stamping & Nature Experience


It is mentioned again and again and is omnipresent in almost every hiking report – the Harzer Wandernadel. But why should the hiker and nature lover decorate himself with an award, prove that he has been here and there?

Harzer Wandernadel – Without stamping it is not possible

All hiking trails in the Harz Mountains, whether short or long, steep or sloping, have stamps for the hiking pass, which you have to buy first (you will find information here). And, of course, everyone is pleased with the documentation and recognition of their achievements. The Harzer Wandernadel is intended to encourage locals and holidaymakers to hike through the entire Harz and to invite them to linger. At 222 places worth seeing the stamps are ready with which active hikers can distinguish themselves. Most of these points, which have been set up at shelters, geologically or historically interesting sites and viewpoints, are only accessible on foot.

Harzer Wandernadel Stampbook - Wanderpass
Harzer Wandernadel stamp booklet – hiking pass

If there are eight stamps in the pass, you get the highly coveted Harz hiking needle: first in Bronze, from 16 stamps in Silver and from 24 stamps in Gold. It has the shape of a coat of arms and is decorated with characteristic landscape motifs and, of course, the obligatory Harz witch.

With 50 stamps or more you will be appointed Wanderkönig or with all 222 even Wanderkaiser and get a needle with a semi-precious stone and a name on the official website – a charming idea for the ambitious hiker. Children can also become hiking princesses and hiking prince. Beside the hiking needle for the whole Harz there is also a Harzer Hexenstieg hiking needle, a needle for the Harzer Grenzweg and one for those who hike on the tracks of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.

Harzer hiking needle – the nature experience counts

Harzer Walking Needle in Bronze, Silver and Gold
Harzer Walking Needle in Bronze, Silver and Gold

Instead of striving for awards and the title of majesty, it is also important to focus on the essentials. And this is nature with all its diversity. Only chasing after the stamps of the Harzer Wandernadel can cloud the experience of the interesting landscape and cultural forms of the Harz. Hike through mountains and valleys, bubbling rivers, impressive dams and lakes rich in species as well as pass historical places and perhaps get a stamp and after some time a ornamental piece, by the way – this should be the destination of a Harz hike for locals and tourists. The Harz hiking needle is an incentive to discover new places in the Harz Mountains.

All badges of the Harzer Wandernadel at a glance

Harzer Wandernadel in bronze

You need at least 8 different stamps. Assuming good planning, you can collect the necessary stamps on a weekend. Without planning, you can reach two to three stamp places on a normal hike. You will probably have to take a little detour for the fourth postmark.

Harzer Wandernadel in silver

Collect at least 16 different stamps. The next eight stamps are now available on a weekend. You know how to do it and there are 214 out of 222 stamps left. If a stamp is defective, you can enter the position and number of the stamp in your stamp booklet.

Harzer Wandernadel in gold

You need at least 24 different stamps for the hiking needle in gold. Yeah, it’s gonna be exhausting. Slowly you have to think about the hiking route in order to discover new stamp places and if possible not to hike twice. The Brocken offers various mountain climbing possibilities and numerous stamp points are on the way to the summit.

Harzer Wanderkönig (king of hiking)

Ambition has gripped you. For the Harz hiking needle with a rock crystal you need 50 different stamps. From now on you will discover the Harz! There are numerous places to hike through. The stamping areas are often located at interesting and worthwhile destinations. In the Harz National Park alone there are 28 stamping places.

Harzer Kaiserschuh (emperor’s shoe)

The Harzer Kaiserschuh is supposed to bridge the arduous time up to the Wanderkaiser. In addition, your efforts will be rewarded for 150 different entries in your stamp book.

Harzer Steiger – mining stamp

For the Harzer Steiger, you must have collected at least 111 different stamps, 22 of which must have been collected in mining positions. The Harz is known for its mining tradition. In numerous mines you can experience the history of mining and go underground. A visit to a mine is not only an experience for families with children.

Wanderkaiser – (hiking emperor)

If you have hiked all 222 stamps, then you can call yourself Wanderkaiser. As a reward you will receive a Harz rock with gold lettering limited to 222 pieces per type of rock. But the best thing is, you have discovered numerous beautiful corners in the Harz!

Wanderprinzessin and Wanderprinz (Hiking Princess/Prince)

For children up to 11 years there is the title Wanderprinzessin and Wanderprinz. For this 11 stamps are to be collected. For the little ones it is a lot of fun to explore the nature. As a reward there is no hiking needle, but a delicious ice cream from the parents! Tips for activities with children in the Harz Mountains can be found here.

Harzer Wandernadel – Long distance hiking

For the long-distance hikes on the Harzer Hexenstieg, on the tracks of Goethe and the Harzer Grenzweg there are special hiking needles. The special postmarks for the hiking needles Harzer Hexenstieg, Harzer Grenzweg and Johann Wolfgang von Goethe are normally collected in the stamp booklet. You will also receive an accompanying booklet in which you must enter the stamps.

Stamps and badges are available on site

If you are standing at a stamp position and cannot find the stamp in your Stampbook, you have probably come across a Special stamp. In addition to the 222 stamp locations, there are also special stamp locations. These are set up for a limited period of time and can be entered under special cancellations.

The collection of stamps for the badges of the Harzer Wandernadel is not subject to any time limit. Well, don’t forget the stamp book on your next visit to the Harz. The hiking boots have proven to be a good place to store your hiking pass!

The stamp book and the badges for the Harzer Wandernadel are available at all participating tourist information offices in the Harz directly on site:
Schierke ” Info |Braunlage ” Info | Altenau ” Info | Wernigerode ” Info |

Stamping points of the Harzer Wandernadel

The official list of the 222 stamp sites of the Harz Hiking Needle of Harz Adventure Hiking. In the list you will also find the stamp locations in National Park Harz (NP). In the national park there are 28 stamp places to hike.

All stamp locations of the Harzer Wandernadel
1Eckertalsperre – Staumauer, Ilsenburg (NP)
2Scharfenstein – Rangerstation, Ilsenburg (NP)
3Am Kruzifix, Ilsenburg (NP)
4Taubenklippe, Ilsenburg (NP)
5Froschfelsen, Ilsenburg (NP)
6Bremer Hütte – Obere Ilsefälle, Ilsenburg (NP)
7Gasthaus Plessenburg, Ilsenburg (NP)
8Stempelsbuche, Ilsenburg (NP)
9Brockenhaus, Brocken (NP)
10Große Zeterklippe, Schierke (NP)
11Eckerloch, Schierke (NP)
12Achtermannshöhe, Braunlage (NP)
13Ahrensklint, Schierke (NP)
14Schnarcherklippe – Schutzhütte, Schierke
15Leistenklippe, Schierke (NP)
16Ferdinandsstein, Wernigerode / Ilsenburg (NP)
17Trudenstein, Schierke (NP)
18Grenzweg am Kaffeehorst, Elend
19Skidenkmal – Nähe Torfhaus (NP)
20Barenberg – Aussichtspunkt, Elend
21Helenenruh Elend
22Gelber Brink, Schierke / Ilsenburg (NP)
23Molkenhausstern, Wernigerode (NP)
24Wolfsklippe, Wernigerode
25Oberförster-Koch-Denkmal, Wernigerode
26Mönchsbuche, Wernigerode
27Ottofelsen, Wernigerode
28Gasthaus Steinerne Renne, Wernigerode
29Elversstein, Wernigerode
30Ilsestein, Ilsenburg (NP)
31Agnesberg, Wernigerode
32Gasthaus Christianental, Wernigerode
33Stapenberg, Benzingerode
34Scharfenstein, Wernigerode
35Gasthaus Armeleuteberg, Wernigerode
36Peterstein, Wernigerode
37Büchenberg, Elbingerode
38Galgenberg, Elbingerode
39Tagebau Felswerke, Elbingerode
40Königshütter Wasserfall, Königshütte
41Ruine Königsburg, Königshütte
42Trogfurther Brücke, Königshütte
43Wasserscheide Weser-Elbe, Steina
44Kapitelsberg, Sorge / Tanne
45Dicke Tannen, Hohegeiß
46Grenzmuseum am Ring der Erinnerung, Sorge / Tanne
47Oberharzblick am Buchenberg, Benneckenstein
48Stierbergsteich, Benneckenstein / Rothesütte
49Grüntal, Benneckenstein
50Walzenhütte, Benneckenstein
51Carlsturm, Trautenstein
52Trageburg am Hexenstieg, Trautenstein
53Hassel-Vorsperre, Hasselfelde
54Rotestein, Hasselfelde
55Wüstung Selkenfelde/Kirche, Stiege
56Rappbodeblick Trautenstein, Hasselfelde
57Echowiese Allrode
58Pferdchen, Zorge
59Klostergrund Michaelstein, Blankenburg
60Stemberghaus-Köhlerei, Hasselfelde
61Harzer Grauwacke Rieder, Ballenstedt
62Talsperre Wendefurth – Talsperrenblick, Bodetal
63Schöneburg – Aussichtspunkt, Bodetal
64Böser Kleef – Aussichtspunkt, Bodetal
65Gasthaus Todtenrode, Bodetal
66Wilhelmsblick – Aussichtspunkt, Bodetal
67Weißer Hirsch – Aussichtspunkt, Treseburg
68Pfeil-Denkmal, Thale
69Sonnenklippe – Bodetal, Thale
70Prinzensicht – Aussichtspunkt, Thale
71Rosstrappe – Abzweig Schurre, Thale
72La Viershöhe, Thale
73Glockenstein, Thale
74Hamburger Wappen – Teufelsmauer, Timmenrode
75Hahnenkleeklippen, St. Andreasberg (NP)
76Großvaterfelsen, Blankenburg
77Ruine Luisenburg, Blankenburg
78Barocke Gärten, Blankenburg
79Otto-Ebert-Brücke – am Herzogsweg, Blankenburg
80Burgruine Regenstein, Blankenburg
81Sandsteinhöhlen im Heers, Blankenburg
82Regensteinmühle, Blankenburg
83Austbergturm, Benzingerode
84Altenburg, Heimburg
85Wasserkunst Thumkuhlental, Wernigerode
86Bisongehege, Stangerode
87Volkmarskeller, Blankenburg
88Aussichtspavillon Hoher Kleef, Rübeland
89Schornsteinberg, Rübeland
90Roter Schuss, Ellrich
91Weltkulturerbe Rammelsberg, Goslar
92Poppenberg mit Aussichtsturm, Illfeld
93Dreitälerblick, Illfeld
94Dreiherrenstein, Neustadt / Breitenstein
95Ilfelder Wetterfahne, Illfeld
96Ehemalige Steinmühle, Illfeld
97Ziegenalm Sophienhof, Illfeld
98Ruine Hohnstein, Neustadt im Harz
99Hörninger Sattelköpfe, Nordhausen
100Ebersburg, Nordhausen
101Einhornhöhle, Scharzfeld
102Lageswarte, Hahausen
103Luchsstein, Lautenthal
104Tränkebachhütte, Seesen
105Prinzenlaube, Wildemann
106Schöne Aussicht Bielstein, Lautenthal
107Maaßener Gaipel, Lautenthal
108Sudmerberger Warte, Goslar
109Heimberg, Wolfshagen
110Granestausee, Astfeld
111Steinbergturm/Steinbergalm, Goslar
112Liebesbank, Hahnenklee
113Grumbacher Teich, Hahnenklee
114Ramseck, Goslar
115Bismarckturm, Bad Lauterberg
116Verlobungsinsel in der Oker, Oker
117Treppenstein, Oker
118Kästehaus, Oker
119Hallesche Hütte – an den Ahrendsberger Klippen, Schulenberg
120Elfenstein, Bad Harzburg
121Burgberg, Bad Harzburg
122Kreuz des deutschen Ostens, Bad Harzburg
123Gaststätte Rinderstall, St. Andreasberg
124Köte am Heidenstieg, Schulenberg
125Schalker Turm, Clausthal Zellerfeld
126Lochstein, Oberer Schalker Graben, Clausthal Zellerfeld
127Weppner Hütte, Jägersbleeker Teich, Clausthal Zellerfeld
128Huttaler Widerwaage, Clausthal Zellerfeld
129Hütte im WeltWald Harz, Bad Grund
130Iberger Albertturm, Bad Grund
131Kaysereiche – Schutzhütte, Bad Grund
132Schwarzenberg, Köte Brockenblick, Altenau
133Förster-Ludewig-Platz, Altenau
134Gustav-Baumann-Weg (NP), Altenau
135Wolfswarte, Altenau
136Eckersprung, Torfhaus (NP)
137Bärenbrucher Teich, Buntenbock
138Braunseck, Buntenbock
139Kuckholzklippe, Lerbach
140Eselsplatz, Lerbach
141Lasfelder Tränke, Osterode
142Mandolinenhütte, Lautenthal
143Köte Schindelkopf, Osterode
144Hanskühnenburg, Osterode
145Schmidts-Denkmal, Riefensbeek
146Großes Wehr, Riefensbeek
147Eleonorenblick, Riefensbeek
148Naturmythenpfad (NP), Braunlage
149Kleine Oker, Altenau
150Großer Knollen, Herzberg
151Ruine Scharzfels, Barbis
152Knollenkreuz, Barbis
153Goedeckenplatz, St. Andreasberg
154Dreibrodestein, St. Andreasberg
155Rehberger Grabenhaus, St. Andreasberg
156Wurmberg-Baude, Braunlage
157Kapellenfleck, Braunlage
158Hassenstein, Bad Lautherberg
159Stöberhai, Wieda
160Helenenruh, Zorge
161Stephanshütte, Wieda
162Kreuztalsklippe, Wieda
163Bremer Klippe, Wieda
164Stiefmutter, Zorge
165Wendel-Eiche, Ellrich
166Sachsensteinhütte, Neuhof
167Hexentanzplatz -Ellricher Blick, Walkenried
168Dreieckiger Pfahl, Oderbrück
169Molkenhaus, Bad Harzburg
170Rabenklippe, Bad Harzburg
171Altarklippe – oberhalb d. Granestausees, Hahnenklee
172Katzsohlteich, Güntersberge
173Waldwiese Hirschbüchenkopf, Güntersberge
174Hohnehof, Drei-Annen-Hohne (NP)
175Schaubergwerk Glasebach, Straßberg
176Uhlenköpfe Hänichen, Harzgerode
177Verlobungsurne Alexisbad, Harzgerode
178Hirschgrund am Gasthaus Königsruhe, Thale
179IV. Friedrichshammer, Harzgerode
180Alter Kohlenschacht, Ballenstedt
181Forstmeister Tannen, Ballenstedt
182Schirm, Ballenstedt
183Försterblick Gernrode, Gernrode
184Bärendenkmal, Gernrode
185Preußenturm, Bad Suderode
186Anhaltinischer Salstein, Bad Suderode
187Lauenburg, Stecklenberg
188Teufelsmauer Weddersleben, Thale
189Große Teufelsmühle, Friedrichsbrunn
190Bergrat-Müller-Teich, Friedrichsbrunn
191Laubtalblick, Friedrichsbrunn
192Historischer Gipsbrennofen, Neuhof
193Stahlquelle, Neudorf
194Hellergrund, Neudorf
195Köthener Hütte, Alexisbad
196Bremer Teich, Gernrode
197Burgruine Anhalt, Mägdesprung
198Glockensteine, Nordhausen
199Bismarckturm, Opperode
200Burg Falkenstein, Pansfelde / Falkenstein
201Konradsburg, Ermsleben / Falkenstein
202Landschaftspark Degenershausen, Wieserode / Falkenstein
203Schutzhütte am Mettenberg, Meisdorf / Falkenstein
204Selkesicht an der Ackeburg, Meisdorf / Falkenstein
205Rastplatz unterhalb des Clusberges, Pansfelde / Falkenstein
206Hahnestein, Hohegeiß
207Mausoleum, Meisdorf / Falkenstein
208Burgruine Grillenburg
209Moltkewarte – Aussichtsturm, Sangerhausen / Lengefeld
210Schöne Aussicht Hainrode
211Killiansteiche, Straßberg
212An der Queste, Questenberg
213Bauerngraben, Breitungen
214Reesbergdoline, Uftrungen / Rottleberode
215Josephshöhe – Auerberg, Stolberg
216Lutherbuche, Stolberg
217Sonnenkappe Oderteich (NP), St. Andreasberg
218Neustädter Talsperre, Neustadt
219Wippertalsperre, Wippra
220Schutzhütte Phillippsgruß, Bad Sachsa
221Jungfernklippe, Torfhaus
222Bergbaulehrpfad Wettelrode


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