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Excursions to the Harz Mountains

Places of interest and destinations in the Harz Mountains

Numerous tour destinations in the Harz invite day guests and holidaymakers. A Hike to the Brocken and a ride on the Harzer Schmalspurbahn is one of the most popular activities in the Harz. On a trip to the Harz it is also worthwhile to have a look away from the Brocken towards the South and East Harz. In addition to beautiful hiking destinations such as the Ottofelsen and Plessenburg, the Ostharz offers a multitude of excursion destinations.

Tour destinations and places of interest in bad weather

Should the excursion destinations and sights in the open nature and in the national park not be your first choice due to bad weather, you can still visit one of the numerous museums in the Harz. The museums in the Harz Mountains offer a beautiful insight into the history of the Harz Mountains. Or you can be taken on a historical tour into the age of the Middle Ages.

The most beautiful excursion destinations in the Harz

Places of interest Harz - castle ruins, monasteries and castles

Among the most popular Sights in the Harz Mountains are the historical old towns of Wernigerode, Goslar and Quedlinburg castles and palaces in the Harz Mountains. Not only on a rainy day is a visit to one of the medieval castles in the Harz mountains a good idea. From the castle garden of the Wernigeröder castle you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Brocken. Further in the southern Harz Mountains are the castles of Stolberg and Ballenstedt and Falkenstein Castle in Selketal worthwhile excursion destinations in the Harz Mountains. A special attraction in the Harz is the castle and fortress Regenstein with its eventful past. Guided tours are offered regularly on the fortress on the outskirts of Blankenburg.

Views of old towns & half-timbered towns in the Harz

Harz Sights - Caves in the Harz Mountains

The Harz Mountains offer exciting destinations for young and old speleologists. The sandstone caves near Blankenburg can be combined with a short hike and picnic. The area is manageable and particularly suitable for a trip with children. For a holiday with children in the Harz you can find further information here .

The Rübeländer caves and the Iberg stalactite cave are further highlights and are always worth a day trip to the Harz Mountains. At a constant eight degrees Celsius you should think of warm clothes.

Tour destinations in the Harz Mountains - Events

In the different regions of the Harz Mountains, a multitude of events on a wide variety of topics are offered. In our calendar of events you will find events for activities in the Harz Mountains. We can recommend a city tour with the night watchman through the historic old town of Quedlinburg and a guided hike through the Harz National Park.

Worthwhile excursion destinations with refreshment:

  • Rehberger Grabenhaus
  • Steinerne Renne in the Eastern Harz
  • Molkenhaus near Bad Harzburg
  • Restaurant on the Raven Cliff
  • Rodelhaus at Wurmberg
  • Hanskühnenburg
  • Plessenburg in the Eastern Harz
  • Königsruhe im Bodetal
  • Rangerstation Scharfenstein
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Lynx feeding in Bad Harzburg

Current events in the Harz

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