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Snowshoeing in the Harz Mountains

Snowshoeing in the Harz Mountains – from Schierke to Steinernen Renne


Whoever wants to hike through the Harz Mountains also in winter, will find an attractive, cliff-rich hiking area between Brocken and Wernigerode. Snow shoe hiking in the Harz is an unforgettable experience. This winter tour leads on foot from Schierke station to Steinerne Renne station and back by narrow-gauge railway. The varied hiking route runs along forest paths and many narrow hiking paths, on which it can become slippery in places. Therefore, spikes are recommended for hiking shoes. On some sections, snow shoes can also be used with appropriate snow conditions. The tour is already a little adventurous and demanding. After all, some meters of height differences have to be overcome and the rocky underground, especially on the cliffs, requires sure-footedness.

Snowshoeing in the Harz Mountains
If there is enough snow in the Harz the snowshoes are used

From Schierker Feuerstein to Ahrensklint

First it goes to the Ahrensklint, past the flint. A nicely designed signpost at Schierker Bahnhof indicates the direction, a few steps north of the tracks the high towering Feuersteinklippe can already be seen. A little further the forest road forks, the hiker turns left and a short time later reaches Pfarrstieg, which leads through the forest directly to the Ahrensklint. Iron ladders and granite blocks secured with railings allow the way up. The viewpoint of the cliff is about 822 meters above sea level and offers a great view to Brocken and to Wernigerode.

Snow Shoe Hiking in the Harz Mountains – The Cliffs on the Hohnekamm

The next intermediate destination is the Leistenklippen. The route continues on the Pfarrstieg, turns right at Glashüttenweg and leads to the Schierker Spinne, where the mountain stream Wormke is crossed. Now we continue on the Moorstieg, which first rises steadily, then over the Hochmoor and again through a piece of forest. As the highest rock formation of the Hohnekamm, the Leistenklippe can soon be seen. Here, too, ladders and railings make the relatively safe and yet laborious ascent possible, which is rewarded with a magnificent view of the Eastern Harz.

Snowshoeing Harz Steinerne Renne
Bridge over the Holtemme

About the Ottofelsen to the Steinernen Renne

After that the Ottofelsen is targeted, which is accessible via narrow paths like Beerenstieg and Dreikäseklippenweg. Shortly after the Karlshaus junction, the Hohnsteinklippen form the landscape. Now it is not far to the Ottofelsen protruding out of the terrain . It also serves as a vantage point. Just like on the previous cliffs, iron ladders and railings secure the ascent over the granite rock, which has weathered wool sacks. From there we take the comfortable Hippelhangweg into the Valley of the Holtemme, through the famous gorge Steinerne Renne, to the inn of the same name. A bridge over the stream leads directly underneath the impressive building. On the other hand, the fast waterfall der Holtemme attracts the attention of passers-by. Now it’s just a short walk to Steinerne Renne station, where the train leaves for Schierke.

Ostharz Wintertour - Schneeschuhwanderung/Snowshoeing
17 km ohne Bahnfahrt without train ride/ 6 - 7h inkl. Bahnfahrt/train ride
Bhf. Schierke - Ahrensklint - Leistenklippen - Beerenweg -Ottofelsen - Gasthaus Steinerne Renne -Bhf. Steineren Renne - Bhf. Schierke
Tour-Level: schwer/challenging
Rückfahrt mit der Brockenbahn bis Schierke/Return by train
Fahrplan/Timetable Brockenbahn
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