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Stolberg Harz Castle

Stolberg Harz – colourful town with half-timbered houses


Stolberg Harz: Colourful half-timbered houses in narrow river valleys overlooked by a castle – Stolberg im Harz has much to offer for visitors interested in hiking and history in the southern Harz.

Historical stage on the half-timbered road in Stolberg

Stolberg was first mentioned in a document in 1210 when it emerged from an early medieval miners’ settlement in the valleys of the Thyra River. In 1498 the probably most famous son of the city was born here, the Reformator Thomas Müntzer, one of the spokesmen in the German Peasant War and admirer of the reformer Luther. With the decline of the coal and steel industry from the 16th century onwards, craftsmanship gained in importance. Also more and more travellers discovered the picturesque place for themselves in the following time. Since 1946, the city has been a health resort in the southern Harz region, since 1993 “Historic European City” and forms part of the German Half-timbered Road.

Stolberg Harz
Town Stolberg Harz – medieval half-timbered town

Stolberg Harz – the jewel of the half-timbered Harz

The highlight of the town is the market square surrounded by imposing houses and the late Gothic church of St. Martini, which is connected to the town hall by a staircase. The medieval and early modern buildings form a uniquely closed ensemble here. The best way to feed yourself is via Niedergasse and then pass the 13th century Saigertor. The square is overhroned by the Renaissance-style castle in its present form, which once served as the residence of the Stolberg counts .

Stolberg – hiking through the gypsum karst landscape of the southern Harz

The medieval half-timbered town of Stolberg is an ideal starting point for holidays and hiking in the Harz mountains through the lush forest and meadow landscape in which white shimmering rocks rise again and again. If you want to stay in the surrounding area, you can visit the nearest hiking and excursion destination: Auerberg with an observation tower of superlatives, the Josephskreuz. With its steel framework construction, it is reminiscent of the Eiffel Tower, is the largest double iron cross in the world and represents a landmark between the Brocken and the Kyffhäuser in the Harz mountains.

From the Stolberger Neustadt, an eventful circular trail suitable for hiking with children leads to the Zechental, on to the Josephskreuz and back via the so-called “Straße der Lieder”. The place is also ideally suited for holidays with dogs, because the extended network of paths offers the best friend of man the most varied opportunities for exercise and discovery. The Brocken ascent represents a whole day tour, from the summit of which you can then comfortably ride the Brockenbahn back towards the picturesque Viertälerstadt.

Not far from the city of Stolberg, in the southern Harz Mountains, the cities Questenberg and Nordhausen are located. The region around Stolberg offers a large number of sights and hiking opportunities. From Stolberg to the Oberharz you need about 50 minutes. Schedule this time if you are planning a day trip to Schierke or Braunlage. For visitors to the southern Harz region, Stolberg offers a wide range of sights and nature.

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