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Torfhaus Harz - Winter Hike

Torfhaus – Circular walk to the Schubensteinklippe


Our little Torfhaus round is named after its beginning and end, the Torfhaus Harz. Here, at an altitude of around 800 metres, lies the highest settlement in Lower Saxony. Surrounded by the Torfhausmoor, it goes back to the times when the mining in the Harz bloomed, so that even today one or the other old peat dig can be discovered while hiking. Already here there is a wonderful view of the snow-covered winter landscape and over to Brocken.

Torfhaus Harz – On snowy paths to the Schubensteinklippe

From Torfhaus the Torfmoorweg leads us first to Berg Schubenstein. We move on natural, snow-covered paths past rocks and forests. In winter you can see more in the forest than in any season of the year and discover many details of flora and fauna that in summer would be covered by thick undergrowth; again and again you can see the traces of paws and claws in the snow. The trails are narrow and hidden, but well maintained at the same time.

Directly on the Torfmoorweg is the Schubensteinklippe – one of the sights of the Harz thanks to its powerful, idiosyncratic shape. So deep in the low mountain range nothing can be heard here except the own breath, the wind and the rustling of snow in the fir crowns.

Continue to the skidenkmal Eckersprung

At the Eckersprung – the source of the river Ecker – the Braunschweig Ski Club commemorates its members who died in the First World War. Therefore, there is also a resting place where you can take a comfortable break. It is located directly on the Goetheweg – named after the poet who, as a young man, is said to have walked this route from Torfhaus to Brocken – and is 890 metres above sea level.

One of the special features of the circular walk is the crossing of the Ecker. In the upper reaches it forms the border between Lower Saxony and Saxony-Anhalt; in the moors surrounding the Brocken it absorbs a number of other Harz streams, gives its name to the Eckertalsperre and flows last into the Oker. Along the Ecker, a narrow path leads slightly uphill towards the spring, and everywhere the sound of the stream hangs in the air.

On snowshoes back to Torfhaus

If you want, you can put on your snowshoes from now on. It goes on suitable paths and more directly than before back to Torfhaus. Again the snow-covered Harz landscape stretches along the wayside up to the Brocken – perhaps the destination of the next hike? But now the fireplace and mulled wine are tempting and invite you to warm up after a hike.

Torfhaus Winterrunde
12,5 km / 2,5 - 3,5h
Torfhaus - Schubenstein-Klippe - Eckersprung - Torfhaus
Tour-Level: mittel/moderate
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