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Torfhaus – centre of hiking tourism


It lies at an altitude of about 820 metres and offers optimal views of the surrounding mountain landscape in good weather – Torfhaus is an ideal starting point for hiking in the Harz mountains.

Experience pure nature

Torfhaus is the highest settlement in Lower Saxony and a popular tourist destination for holidaymakers and day-trippers, with numerous natural beauties in every season of the year for hiking through the Harz nature reserve. The history of Torfhaus began in the 16th century, when the village developed into a centre of peat-growing and some time later became an important postal station. Today the Torfhaus is a stepping stone into the wilderness and the gateway to the Harz National Park for recreation seekers and nature explorers.

The national park house as starting point for hiking

Who would like to discover the landscape of the Harz Mountains on guided hikes, is at the Nationalparkhaus exactly right. Modernly furnished, it conveys everything worth knowing about the nature of the Harz Mountains and offers exploration tours with rangers of the national park. But of course you can also set off on your own to immerse yourself in the untouched landscape: Several marked hiking trails start from the Nationalparkhaus, of which the Goetheweg zum Brocken is probably the best known and most popular.

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe went on his wandering in December 1777, because the Harz Mountains always fascinated him and inspired him to write his literary works. The first stop is the Grosse Torfhausmoor, an upland moor with a rare flora and fauna, which is now a nature reserve. In the 18th century peat was extracted as fuel. The almost forest-free and ecologically highly valuable rain moor is the source area of the Radau river and if you are lucky, you may discover a rarity during the hike on the Bohlensteg: the round sundew. From the moor you have a wonderful view on the famous Blocksberg, if it should not be surrounded by fog. After the Quitschenberg and the Brockenfeldmoor, the hiking trail along the route of the Harzer Schmalspurbahn reaches the highest peak in northern Germany.

A unique view is offered southwest of Torfhaus also from Bruchberg. The steeply sloping high cliff is loosely forested, but with the Wolfswarte it has a beautiful vantage point towards the Brocken plateau, where you can rest from the ascent and at the same time enjoy the special nature.

Nice walks from Torfhaus

Start of the tours Torfhaus Large car park

Annas Torfhausrunde (13,5 km): Parking place Torfhaus – Schubenstein-Klippe – Eckersprung – Dreieckiger Pfahl – Parking place Torfhaus
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Grosse Brocken Tour (22 km): Parking Torfhaus – Schubenstein-Klippe – Rangerstation Scharfenstein – Bismarckklippe – Brocken – Goetheweg – Eckersprung – Parking Torfhaus
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Hike to the Wolfswarte (11 km): Parking place – Wolfswarte – Clausthaler Flutgraben – Parking place
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