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Altenbrak - Bodetal

Altenbrak – climatic health resort along the Bode river


Walk along the roaring Bode through unspoilt forests and experience peaceful lake landscapes – the holiday resort of Altenbrak offers numerous opportunities for relaxing nature explorations in the legendary Harz mountains.

Altenbrak – From hut village to health resort

The place is situated in a sunny valley along the river Bode and is surrounded by a beautiful landscape. Due to the natural conditions, it developed into a street village. Altenbrak’s history goes back to the 10th century. It was long used as a mining site for ore and was officially established in late Middle Ages, but the exact year is not known.

The first name for the hut town was 1448. In the middle of the 19th century, metallurgy ended and tourism began, in addition to forestry. The sheltered village in the Bodetal valley quickly attracted many people seeking recreation and in 1949 it was elevated to a climatic health resort. Between Altenbrak and the Jagschloss Windehütte, a mountain swimming pool was also set up. On the contemplative Walddbühne in the style of a antique amphitheatre you can visit plays and concerts. And of course the legendary Harzer Hexenstieg runs through Altenbrak and invites you to extensive hiking tours.

The Evil Clover

The rock formation in the northeast of Altenbrak is by no means evil. The hiker can therefore climb up through the woods to the granite rock formation and continue to the Forsthaus Todtenrode without hesitation.

Harz Adventure Hiking
Monument in Altenbrak

The typical Harz cliff is located above the valley of the Bode and offers a unique view of the place. The refuge there invites you to picnic and rest. Todtenrode also has a long settlement history, by the way; already in the 10th century there was an agricultural estate here. If you look closely, its traces can still be seen today.

Hike from Altenbrak to the Rappboden dam

You can walk across the Wendefurth dam northwest of the village to Rappbodetalsperre. The Wendefurth reservoir, lined by forest areas, has a wall that protects the villages along the Bode and is used for fish farming. If you want to refresh yourself on your summer hike, you can also swim here before continuing on to the largest water area in the Harz Mountains.

Forests, mountain meadows, reservoirs and many other leisure activities and hiking trails are available in the climatic health resort of Altenbrak. The Bodetal valley, surrounded by forest-covered rock faces and bare hillsides – recently also explorable on the way of songs and rhymes – will inspire every hiker and make the stay or longer vacation a relaxing experience.

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