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Herzberg am Harz

Herzberg am Harz – Seat of the Welfen Castle


The glorious Welfenschloss, the ruins of a castle and a legendary cave – Herzberg am Harz attracts with history and natural monuments. Herzberg is the right place for those who want to experience a lot of history and visit cultural sights while hiking. Situated on the southwestern edge of the Upper Harz and at the outlet of the rivers Sieber and Lonau , the town is well connected to the surrounding villages and is ideal for exploring historical sites and the landscape of the Harz National Park.

Herzberg am Harz – Residence of the Guelphs and “Esperanto City”

The Castle Herzberg, an imposing half-timbered building and the largest castle complex in Lower Saxony in this style, is proudly enthroned above the town centre. The complex originated from a castle with origins in the 11th century and was almost a millennium in the possession of the noble family of the Welfen. It received its present appearance in the early 16th century. From the high Middle Ages on, the present-day town of Herzberg developed from a sovereign estate below the castle and in early modern times became a centre of linen production and brewing. Despite its urban character, Herzberg has retained its natural charm to this day. Since 2006, the former royal seat has had the nickname “Esperanto City”, as it invites to many events around this language.

To the castle tour and cave hike – the karst trail

Herzberg am Harz is surrounded by numerous hiking trails, passing sights ranging from rushing waterfalls and lakes to historical castle ruins and fascinating caves. For example, on a steep mountain edge in the middle of dense forests, the Burgruine Scharzfels is a popular hiking destination with refreshments on the Karstwanderweg. The once mighty complex dates from the 10th/11th century, later served as a prison and today captivates with its rock passages with the atmosphere of long ago times and a beautiful view.

Herzberg am Harz
Herzberg am Harz – Dreamlike facades of old half-timbered houses

A further highlight among the natural beauties on the Karstwanderweg is the Einhornhöhle in a Dolomitfelsen, which contains skeletal parts of animals from the Ice Age – these fossil finds were wrongly assigned to a unicorn in former times, hence the name of the cave – and were inhabited by humans already in the Stone Age. Here you can enter a fabulously different world and visit its halls and domes to a depth of 270 meters with a guided tour. The Unicorn Cave belongs to the National Geotopes and the UNESCO Geopark and is significantly larger than previously thought. Their length is estimated at almost one kilometre.

Herzberg am Harz – a real jewel of the Harz

Herzberg am Harz has something special that captivates everyone. In the Harzer National Park the village offers a valuable variety of extremely important architectural and natural monuments from a long and varied history for outdoor fans and holidaymakers, which can best be discovered by extensive hiking. Whether you climb the Brocken or plan a hike in the Upper Harz, from Herzberg am Harz you will be in Braunlage and Schierke in no time at all. The locations Bad Sachsa, Bad Lauterberg and Walkenried are in the immediate vicinity of Herzberg am Harz.

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