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Bad Harzburg fountain of youth

Bad Harzburg – Hiking on the castle mountain & to the lynxes


In the quiet yet sophisticated health resort of Bad Harzburg on the northwestern edge of the Harz mountains, you can relax and explore the national park on extensive hiking trails.

The Great Castle Hill and shady streets with history

In the year 916 a monastery was founded in the later Bad Harzburg. But its origins are perhaps still older, already 780 there is said to have been a chapel, commissioned by Karl the Great. In the 1060s, Emperor Heinrich IV had the Harzburg built in Goslar to secure the Palatinate. The foundation walls of the complex, which in the late Middle Ages became a robber baron’s nest, can still be seen in the south of the city. If you prefer to stay on the ground as a hiker and don’t want to take the cable car, you can climb up the Herzogsweg to the ruins.

1569 a brine source was found in Bad Harzburg. The 19th century transformed the village at the foot of the castle hill, through which the Radau flowed, into a spa and hiking centre. In 1892 Bad Harzburg was officially awarded the title “Bad”. Along the promenade under chestnut trees, lined with villas and cafés, you can convince yourself of this and enjoy the flair of the spa (History of the Harzburg).

Bad Harzburg – attractive and relaxing hiking

Bad Harzburg is a paradise for hikers, surrounded by wooded landscapes. In the city begin several theme trails. Before setting off, you can refresh yourself in the drinking and foyer, opened in the late 19th century, during the tasting of some spring waters. Animal lovers should visit the Ants-Formicarium . Here, the insects can be seen at close range before they can be admired in their natural habitat on the hike. Nostalgic charm and educational nature experiences – Bad Harzburg combines both to a special holiday experience.

On the Devil’s Rise to Brocken

Only 13 kilometres south of Bad Harzburg – more precisely from the Kurpark and the Burgberg – you can quickly hike to the highest peak of the Harz Mountains and through the national park. The path with the symbol of a little devil is not very easy to hike and overcomes an altitude difference of 950 metres. It leads past the Etter cliffs and the whey house, where the feeding of wild animals always fascinates numerous guests. We continue, passing the lake landscape of the Corner dam and the Sharp stone cliff, to the Brocken plateau. Dancing on the summit with mythical creatures or relaxing in nature – the hiking trail immensely stimulates the imagination and is a pure landscape experience.

Hike to the lynx enclosure / raven cliffs 9,5 km (Start car park Burgbergseilbahn Bad Harzburg). The paths are well signposted. They can’t miss the enclosure.
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