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Harz Hasselfelde

Hasselfelde – an important place in the hiking trail network


Centrally located in the middle of the Harz mountains: Hasselfelde is a hub for hiking. The small town of Hasselfelde, situated on a high plateau in a hollow in the nature park through which the Hassel river flows, has a history dating back more than a thousand years. Hasselfelde was first mentioned in the middle of the 11th century and was the location of a royal hunting farm. In 1222 the mining town was granted the town charter.

Hasselfelde – millennial history and lump view

Due to several devastating fires in the town, the village only received its present appearance late in the day. After the fire had destroyed most of the buildings, the Harz town was rebuilt at the end of the 19th century – around the spacious market square with the imposing neogothic St. Antonius church. In the immediate vicinity, characterised by meadows and lakes, agriculture is the main activity today. The adventure island is dedicated to the long tradition of pasture farming on the meadows and in the forests of the Harz Mountains.

intersection point of hiking trails

Hasselfelde is well connected from a traffic point of view and is a junction of several hiking trails which cross the Harzer Hexenstieg, the Selketalstieg, the path of the emperors and kings and the Via Romea as well as nature trails through a diverse landscape. A circular hiking trail leads around Hasselfelde, presents all the interesting sights and captivates with the Merian view of the city.

Very close to Hasselfelde in the middle of the Lower Harz Mountains are the Hassel Dam of the Rappbodetalsperre and the Small and Large Raven Cliff, which offer a beautiful view of the reservoir. Information boards give an overview of the fauna and flora at the reservoir and a bee nature trail provides information about beekeeping on the circular path around the dam.

If you want to learn something about charcoal burning, you should walk from the Hasselfelder Kurpark along the Köhlerweg and visit the Freilichtmuseum Stemberghaus, where coal is still produced in the traditional way. Going on to the Rothestein, you get one of the most beautiful views of the Rappbodetalsperre.

From the platform of the radio and observation tower Carlshaus southwest of Hasselfelde you can enjoy a unique panoramic view over the treetops of the Harz mountains, to Brocken and the Harz foreland. A relaxing, unspoilt environment and an extensive network of hiking trails rich in adventure and instruction – Hasselfelde is an attractive excursion destination for every Harz lover and enthusiastic hiker.

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