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Hiking in Bad Sachsa

Bad Sachsa – healing climate in the midst of mountain valleys

Steep valleys, deeply incised, connect the spa and hiking resort of Bad Sachsa with the southern Harz mountains.

Fresh air brings the upswing

The first documented name was Sachsa – the name probably means “Steinbach” and has Germanic roots – which was passed through by the Uffe in 1219 and belonged to the county of Honstein in the following years. With the St. Nikolai church a real jewel of the Middle Ages has been preserved, whose tower dates back to around 1200. Probably in the year 1525 Bad Sachsa was appointed town. In the 19th century, travel tourism began and since then has attracted numerous people seeking relaxation and spa treatments. The spa has been a health resort since 1905. A tourist magnet in untouched nature – Bad Sachsa boasts many special features and recreational opportunities.

On the promenade in Bad Sachsa

The tranquil spa town is best explored between the small roundabout at Uffeplatz and the spa park before you start hiking in the surrounding area. Particularly worth seeing are the Art Nouveau and with bay windows and a pavilion decorated town hall in the city park and the Nikolaikirche, the oldest building in the city. Its Romanesque west tower from the 12th century dominates the townscape. From the hill on which the church stands there is a unique view of Marktstraße.

If you are looking for more peace and quiet, you can play your fantasy on the Sachsenstein south of Bad Sachsa while visiting the Ruinen der Sachsenburg from the time around 1070 and relive the Medieval Age in your thoughts. On the wooded hill the stump of the keep with an impressive diameter of ten metres testifies to the long history of the place.

Bad Sachsa – Hiking to the widely visible Ravensberg

Crowned by a transmitter mast and a mountain farm with animal enclosure, the Ravensberg northwest of the centre of Bad Sachsa represents the destination of several excellently marked hiking and spa trails through unspoilt forests. The Steina passes the local mountain of Bad Sachsa in the west. The Uffte rises at the summit and flows east into the Wieda. Below the summit, the Dreiherrenstein reminds us of a time when the Ravensberg was situated on the terrain of three different dominions: Prussia, Hanover and Brunswick bordered on each other here. The steeply rising mountain cone was once a volcanic crater of the Perm. Its main rock, rhyolite, fascinates every geologically interested hiker. Once at the top, the Ravensberg offers a magnificent view of the Brocken and the Kyffhäusergebirge.

The village Walkenried is located in the immediate vicinity of Bad Sachsa. The town centre is inseparably merged with a monastery. You can still visit the monastery ruins today.

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