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Harz Förstersteig

Förstersteig – always following the oak leaf through the nature park


Explore the natural diversity of the Western Harz Mountains on the Förstersteig trail

From the historic imperial palace in Goslar to the mountain village of Riefensbeek-Kamschlacken near Osterode you can walk through the Harz Nature Park on the Förstersteig, which is 60 kilometres long. The hike lasts about four to five days. The nature lover encounters diverse habitats, scenic beauties and historically significant places. Numerous vantage points offer panoramic views of various forest forms – due to the long tradition of timber extraction for iron ore smelting, especially dense spruce forests -, species-rich biotopes and natural reservoirs.

A part of the Förstersteig is the Innerste Rennsteig, which was already in the Bronze Age a significant trade route on the mountain heights. It was first mentioned in writing in the middle of the 14th century.

Hike past the dams and get to know the LÖWE program

The Förstersteig passes through three reservoirs, which are not only important for water management, but also impress with their naturalness. The path leads past the Granetalsperre dam, the Innerste dam and the Sösetalsperre dam.

Along the way you will come across information boards about the Oberharz region and small adventure areas. And it is above all the forest structures that can be explored on the Förstersteig. The LÖWE programme has been implemented in the forests of Lower Saxony since 1993. Interested parties can inform themselves about its measures for long-term ecological forest development, which ensure that the spruce and mixed forests of the Harz Mountains continue to be unique habitats and natural landscapes.

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