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Harz Selketalstieg in the Selketal Castle Falkenstein

The Selketal – Hiking on the Selketalstieg to Falkenstein Castle


A highlight of the Renaissance accompanies the hiker on the Selketalstieg through the Harz Mountains: Falkenstein Castle in the Selketal Valley. Starting at the railway station in Stiege and ending in the half-timbered town and UNESCO World Heritage Quedlinburg – following the symbol of the stylized Falkenstein Castle, the Selketalstieg leads 67 kilometers through varied landscapes. Deciduous forests, hilly meadows and mountain slopes characterise the appearance of the lovely river valley and nature reserve.

Selketal - auf dem Selketalstieg From Stiege to Quedlingburg
Selketal – auf dem Selketalstieg From Stiege to Quedlingburg

If you are interested in history, you should visit the castle Falkenstein, because here you can still feel the time of the Renaissance. The well-preserved hilltop castle combines architectural styles from Romanesque to Historicism and is regarded as a possible centre of the “Sachsenspiegel”, the first German-language legal book from the first third of the 13th century.

Selketal – admire pure nature

Inconspicuously it begins, the source of Selke . Here you can plunge into the early Middle Ages and make a detour to the remains of the church wall in Selkenfelde. The path continues through a historical area of centuries-old mining of various materials, from which one can also catch a view of the Brocken. Rock cliffs and vantage points captivate on the further hike with unique ambience and present the fascinating landscape. From the cliff path at the natural toboggan run you can see the whole beauty of the Selketal valley.

Hiking along a rushing river landscape and discovering traces of bygone times – the Selketalstieg holds all this in store for the hiker and is thus one of the most beautiful routes through the Lower Harz. The Selketal is centrally located in the Lower Harz and can be reached quickly from Benneckenstein and Hasselfelde. You can make an extensive day tour in the Selketal from Mägdesprung to Burg Falkenstein. To do this, start in Mägdesprung or am Selktaler Waldgasthof. Alternatively, you can start your hike at a different place. Starting from Mägdesprung the district road towards Meisdorf runs parallel to the Selketal. You can also walk the Selketal directly from Quedlinburg or stairs from

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