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Hiking in Hahnenklee

Hahnenklee – a relaxing piece of Scandinavia in the Upper Harz Mountains


The climatic spa and hiking resort Hahnenklee is surrounded by blooming mountain meadows, tranquil lakes, clear streams and dense forests with an architectural highlight and numerous hiking opportunities.

Hahnenklee – A stave church surrounded by spruce forests

Hahnenklee-Bockswiese is a part of the imperial city Goslar, which extends to the south as a double town on a high plateau. Hahnenklee, whose name means “Hohe Klippe”, was first mentioned in documents in the middle of the 16th century. However, its tradition as a mining settlement dates back to the Middle Ages. Due to the increasing tourism, at that time mainly visited by the “fine society”, Hahnenklee was appointed a state-approved health resort after the cessation of mining in 1882. The famous Berlin composer Paul Lincke also spent the rest of his life in Hahnenklee. Since then, the village has attracted many hikers with its healing air. Who would like to recover from an illness, finds in Hahnenklee again to its well-being.

An architectural peculiarity in this idyllic health resort is the wooden church built in the early 20th century Gustav-Adolf-Stabkirche. The landmark of the place has a construction method, which otherwise rather in Scandinavia and particularly Norway is resident and over 800 years old. The attentive visitor will certainly enjoy deciphering the rich symbolism inside the church and discovering the built-in elements of shipbuilding.

Hike on the legendary Bocksberg and to the Hahnenkleeklippen

Hahnenklee’s natural location makes it ideal for hiking and is a popular holiday destination. Among many other paths, the Liebesbankweg was reopened in 2007. To the east and south-east of the village, the Bocksberg mountain rises 726 metres high in the Harz nature park, which can be explored on hiking trails or by cable car. Several rivers have their source here and also some ponds, ditches and watercourses of the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Harz Water Management are located near the mountain. An observation tower offers hikers views of the North German Plain and the Brocken. From the Hahnenkleeklippen, which rise from a 700 metre wide rock face, you can see the impressive Rehberg massif and the rushing Oder valley. Enjoy the refreshing, gentle and pure mountain air and discover the landscape – the spa and hiking resort of Hahnenklee offers a wide range of possibilities and excursion destinations for all ages and interests.

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