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Thale in the Bodetal valley

Thale – legendary town in the Bodetal valley


Mythical rocky cliffs and dense forest areas lure visitors to the Sagenharz near Thale.

Thale – A hut becomes a source of inspiration

Thale is located at the entrance of the Bodetal valley. Its history begins in the early 10th century, when the Convent Wendhusen was founded under the protection of a castle. Iron has been smelted in Thale since early modern times. In 1835 a sheet metal enamel factory was established, which helped the town to achieve international fame. Since the 19th century, hiking tourists and spa guests have come to Thale, including Heinrich Heine and Theodor Fontane, who immortalized the city in their works.

Thale – Hiking Arena Bodetal

From the spa park in Thale the route leads into Bodetal and to the world of experience. The river valley is flanked by mountain slopes overgrown with deciduous and coniferous forests. Two legendary rock plateaus lie opposite each other on mountain tongues and offer numerous outdoor activities. If you want to reach the top quickly, you can reach both cliffs by cable car or chair lift. A hike through the bubbling Bodetal past steep rock faces and quiet mountain lakes is more attractive. As soon as it rustles in the lichen-covered undergrowth, you can imagine with a little imagination that a witch or – more realistically – a wildcat will appear at any moment from the dense roots. Depending on your interest and physical condition, you can choose between different difficult routes.

On the trail of witches and other mythical creatures in Thale

Among the leaves of the beech forests they rise high above the deeply cut Bodetal, the touristic witch dance area and the quieter Roßtrappe. Once said to have danced on the first witches on their broomsticks. And the saga about the bustard is even more exciting. The attentive hiker will certainly have noticed a large hoof-like depression in the granite rock. Abstract: Princess Brunhilde was persecuted by the lustful King Bodo, fled on a giant horse from the witches’ dancing ground with a jump over the gorge and successfully resurfaced. Although she lost her crown, Bodo crashed and was transformed into a black dog. At the bottom of the river named after him, he shall guard the crown forever.

Thale – Testimonies of Prehistory

Reality will inspire above all those interested in archaeology. Both plateaus were once sites of prehistoric and prehistoric centrifugal castles, whose fortification systems are still visible. The remains of the Sachsenwalles in the form of a dry stone wall, erected around 750 to 450 B.C., extend over the place allegedly used as a cult site for Germanic tribes Hexentanzplatz. The Rosstrappe’s refuge can even be traced back to the Neolithic period, and its mounds can also be seen by the trained eye.

Giant outlook

But what is particularly captivating and rewarding for the ascent to the cliff is one of the most magnificent natural scenarios in the Harz Mountains. Wooded cliffs seem to reach as far as the horizon and below, deeply incised and pristine, the serrated river valley of the Bode with its rapids extends. An outstanding hiking area in the Harz is it – the legendary town of Thale with its diverse, wild landscape around the Bodetal gorge. From Thale you can make a nice hike through the Bodetal valley to Treseburg or Altenbrak.

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