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Treseburg in the Bodetal valley

Treseburg – immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the Harz landscape


Hiking and relaxing in untouched nature: In the picturesque Treseburg you can experience the originality of the Harz Mountains with all your senses.

Treseburg – From hut to health resort

Treseburg is one of the most popular resorts in the lower Harz due to its tranquil location in the legendary valley of the Bode and its worth seeing historical buildings. It is a real hiking paradise. Almost as if fallen out of time, it works. Treseburg was founded by miners and metallurgists for the mining of ore, which lasted only until 1777. Rafting used to be an important branch of industry as well. The castle, which gave the castle its name and was probably built in the middle of the 10th century to secure the surrounding trade routes, was destroyed in the first third of the 16th century during the peasant wars and its material was used by the villagers to build houses. Today, only a few remains bear witness to their stately size and stimulate the imagination. From Burgfelsen there is a unique view into the deep Bodetal with its unspoilt vegetation and the species-rich fauna and flora.

Discover the landscape on many paths

Since Treseburg is surrounded by rugged rocks directly at the entrance of the Bodetal, at the confluence of Luppbode and Bode, it scores with special nature experiences. Whether you walk the Harzer Hexenstieg from here, hike to the Hexentanzplatz and the Roßtrappe or use the well signposted network of paths around the village – in and around Treseburg every active holidaymaker gets his money’s worth. Inconceivable 73 routes lead through the charming region.

Improve health and experience nature

Treseburg is well known for its Terrainkurwege (terrainkur trails), which are laid out in the shape of a ring around the village, on which the cycle can be stimulated, fitness can be trained and the landscape of the narrow mountain sow can be experienced. The route leads through dense spruce and beech forests and over mountain meadows along the course of the Bode, which rushes over countless boulders of rock. Those interested in botany will be delighted by the variety of shade plants that make the valley so special.
Treseburg’s unique location in the “most powerful rocky valley north of the Alps“, as Johann Wolfgang von Goethe aptly put it, guarantees restful tranquillity and lets visitors forget the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Just don’t look at your watch for a while, stow your smartphone deep in your backpack and dedicate yourself to nature – the picturesque place is ideal for this.

From Treseburg you reach Altenbrak and Thale within a short time. Treseburg in the Bodental valley on – Google Maps.

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