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Holiday with dog in the Harz Mountains

Holiday with dog in the Harz Mountains


An eventful holiday with a dog in the Harz Mountains. The legendary low mountain range is recommended with pet-friendly accommodation, unspoilt hiking trails and healthy mountain air.

Travelling to the Harz Mountains with dogs for hiking

Dense forests, great hiking trails and animal-friendly landlords speak for a holiday with dog in the Harz. Whether poodle or shepherd dog, the four-legged friend is often a full-fledged family member. Then travelling only with a dog is possible, after all it should be a family holiday. A few years ago, pet-friendly accommodation was still difficult to find. Often, animal lovers who were fond of travelling therefore switched to a campsite and made camping with dog. In the German holiday regions there are idyllic camping sites to choose from, where four-legged and two-legged family members can feel equally at home. In the meantime more and more landlords recognize the trend to holiday with dog and have adjusted to it. So there are several dog-friendly hotels in the Harz regions meanwhile as well as vacation homes, which are habitable with dog.

Hiking with a dog in the Harz up to the Brocken summit

The extensive network of hiking trails in the Harz Mountains is perfect for hiking with dogs and with children. Sportingly ambitious hikers get their money’s worth just as leisurely pleasure hikers do. Young dogs can romp over rocks and roots, hike up to the Brocken summit and power themselves out in mystical nature. If you can’t walk uphill, take the Brockenbahn (HSB) and return to the valley. However, the HSB prescribes a bite basket for dogs. Schierke in the Harz Mountains and a holiday apartment with dog are the ideal starting point for a Hike on the Brocken and other eventful tours. Lines are compulsory throughout the national park.

Holiday with dog in the Harz at any season

Thanks to their central location, the scenic Harz regions are suitable for a short holiday with a dog. At the same time, health resorts with healthy mountain air, a healing climate and baths are ideal for a relaxing wellness holiday with a dog. Basically every season is right for a holiday with a dog in the Harz Mountains. After all, many dogs love to romp on snow-covered paths just as much as in colourful autumn leaves. Hiking in the Harz is also worthwhile in spring when everything is in bloom and fresh green sprouts. On warm summer days, shady forests, cool ponds and watercourses attract children, adults and dogs for hiking. For Winter hiking the holiday region around Braunlage is popular, whereby the hiking trails there also lead to exciting destinations in summer.

Holiday home in Harz with dog

In general, a holiday home with a garden is ideal for a holiday with a dog in Germany. However, the night with dog in many holiday flats, guesthouses and hotels is also attractive. Often the hiking trails start very close to the accommodation.

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