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Harz karst hiking trail

Discover the geology of the Harz Mountains on the Karst Trail


Karstwanderweg – nature experience in all areas of knowledge

Following the red crossbeam with the white K, the nature of the southern Harz can be explored on a interdisciplinary nature trail. The approximately 233 km long karst hiking trail stretches from Förste in the west via Herzberg am Harz and Osterode to Pölsfeld in the east. It is one of the most varied hiking trails in Germany and touches nature reserves, biotopes and important cultural monuments. Information boards at all important locations provide information on geology, landscape, environmental protection and settlement history. So the hiker can learn everything about the ecological connections in the intact nature and marvel at unique landscapes.

Karstwanderweg – focus on geology

The Southern Harz has two special rock types: gypsum and dolomite. Karsts and caves provide with their water predominantly underground for the partial dissolution of this rock and the change of the rock formations. Even sinkholes can occur. The Karstwanderweg is dedicated to this theme and combines primeval water landscapes with filigree rocky landscapes, leading through mixed forests and along moors.

But not only geological enthusiasts get their money’s worth here, also for those who are interested in the exciting archaeology and species-rich vegetation of the Harz, there is a lot on offer. Combining nature experience and science and at the same time offering the opportunity to explore the beauty of the landscape – this is what the Karst hiking trail has successfully set as its goal and impresses with its unique experience value when hiking.

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