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From Braunlage to Achtermann – experience frozen waterfalls

Walk in pure winter air through coniferous forests, climb a snow-covered summit and cross an iced river valley – on the way from Braunlage to Achtermann and back unforgettable nature experiences are guaranteed.

Achtermann – high up to the summit

From the climatic health resort at the southern foot of the Wurmberg-mountain we go on through a varied winter landscape, framed by the National Park Harz. The mountain tour to Achtermann, the fourth highest mountain of the Harz Mountains, leads first to Königskrug. Here you can rest in the inn and prepare yourself with a hot coffee or tea for the ascent through the cold. Those interested in history will certainly be enthusiastic about the remains of the New Palace, a tower hill castle from the late Middle Ages. When the overgrown terrain of the once highest castle in Lower Saxony has not exactly sunk into white splendour, winter in particular is ideal for exploring.

Stomping further through the snow, the way now becomes more strenuous, because the pedestal of the Achtermann moves closer. Crossing frosty forests with a vegetation of conifers, one needs very stable footwear and good condition on the partly stony and slippery paths. From the very start, the path with its rocky riverbed and the subsequent tree-rooted path is a real challenge, especially in winter. The reward, however, is a unique mountain landscape. Because the sight of the rocks of the treeless Achtermannshöhe, which peep bizarrely through the snow cover, make the hiker proud of his achievement and enthusiastic about the winter wonderland.

Over bridges and past waterfalls

Once you have enjoyed the view of the foggy, wooded mountain ranges from far away, you can descend from the rock plateau and through the magnificent valley of the Bode on an easier and wider path. If a snowstorm should come up surprisingly, one can take the Moosbrücke taking a short detour towards the northeast and shelter in the refuge at the Bärenbrücke. In the following course of the trail the source area of the Kleinen Bode is circumnavigated. The waterfalls at the headwaters of the Upper and Lower Bode are admirable, as they have almost completely solidified to ice depending on the temperature. With numerous impressions of nature in the luggage, the parking place is soon reached again and thus the starting point. Through quiet forests, up to snow-covered mountain peaks and through icy river valleys – the hike from Braunlage to Achtermannshöhe and through the Bodetal bei Braunlage impresses especially in the winter months with its diverse nature.

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