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Bad Grund

Bad Grund – oldest town in the Oberharz and hiking experience centre


Five valleys with many hiking trails surround Bad Grund, the oldest of the Oberharz mountain towns.

Bath reason – spa with long tradition in the middle of green

Bad Grund was first mentioned as a forest site in 1317 and the surrounding forests subsequently developed into a area of iron ore mining. Since the middle of the 19th century the spa operation has increased steadily. Finally, in 1916, the previous reason was given the addition “Bad” and is now a state-approved spa resort, particularly known for its healing gallery therapy. The idyllic market place of Bad Grund is dominated by the slate covered Bergmannskirche St. Antonius, which got its present form in the middle of the 17th and at the end of the 19th century. From here you can start exciting walks where you can enjoy nature and its monuments while learning a lot about the geology of the Harz Mountains.

Hiking in the surroundings – on informative trails around the Iberg

Several hiking trails lead from the health centre into the relaxing landscape of the Harz National Park, all well fortified and marked. Above Bad Grund is the Iberg stalactite cavee with adventure centre. From the market you can comfortably walk over 2.5 kilometres to the cave, as the path is excellently signposted. First we go through the Teufelstal, in which a geological timeline provides exemplary information about all rock types of the Harz and thus covers 385 million years of earth history. Families with children can visit the fairytale valley and immerse themselves in the rich legendary world of the Harz.

The stalactite cave is part of an approximately eight-kilometre-long tunnel system, accessible are approximately 150 metres. Originating from a Devonian coral reef, the cave is one of the most unique places in Europe. It is the starting point for hikes around the Iberg, for example on the König-Hübig route. A golden crown shows the way and leads to the most beautiful vantage points. After a steep ascent you come to a crossroads with the inventive name Schweinebraten, but due to the steep incline, steep falls and partly overgrown former pits along the way you also need some sporting skills. We continue to the viewpoint Albertsturm, from where we can see all the way to Brocken, and to the equally panoramic Hübichenstein rock needle.

Bad Grund is thus the ideal destination for recreation seekers and nature lovers, captivates with a long history and hiking experiences for every interest. The town Clausthal-Zellerfeld is in the immediate vicinity.

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