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Clausthal Zellerfeld Blue Church

Clausthal Zellerfeld – Experience Oberharz


In the mountain town Clausthal Zellerfeld in the Oberharz hiking holiday and city trip can be wonderfully combined. Situated in the middle of the unique low mountain range landscape at an altitude of approx. 600 metres, the village is the perfect starting point for countless hiking routes; at the same time you can take a deep breath and relax in the recognised climatic health resort.

Clausthal Zellerfeld – Far away from everyday life,…

Anyone who loves hiking should in any case get a picture of Clausthal Zellerfeld himself. Surrounded by the majestic dark green spruce forests typical of the Harz mountains, Clausthal Zellerfeld looks like a gigantic clearing in the middle of an impressive landscape. Not only hiking lovers get their money’s worth here: On the mountainbike trail network there are excellent descents for adrenalin junkies, there are various routes for Nordic walkers and over 65 ponds, ditches and watercourses offer opportunities for fishing, swimming in crystal clear mountain waters. Countless mountain meadows invite you to take a break with a small picnic – beautiful all year round, they offer wonderful impressions especially in spring when the meadow flowers bloom.

In the immediate surroundings of Clausthal Zellerfeld you can experience exciting outdoor adventures as well as find opportunities to calm down, enjoy being alone and turn your back on everyday life, either on spontaneous hikes without a fixed destination or on a previously determined route of the well signposted hiking trail network. No matter whether you decide for intuitive or planned hiking, for thrills or relaxation: Simply switch off your mobile phone, enjoy not being reachable and leave everyday life completely behind you.

Through Clausthal Zellerfeld runs the Harzer Hexentstieg. If you are planning a hike from Osterode to Thale on the Harzer Hexenstieg, then the mountain town of Clausthal Zellerfeld is your first stop.

… but not far from the shot

In addition to the beautiful landscape in the immediate vicinity, Clausthal Zellerfeld also offers cultural experiences that combine modernity and tradition. In addition to numerous museums and church buildings worth seeing, there are various open-air events throughout the year, such as the Oberharzer Bergbauernmarkt – in this way hiking holidays and cultural trips can be wonderfully combined and local traditions and historical events are explored alongside nature. Who likes, takes the time for a stroll through the many small shops of Clausthal Zellerfeld or enjoys coffee and cake in one of the many contemplative cafés of the place. If you are drawn to the next adventure, within minutes you will be far away from any human soul – solitude in nature and sociable cultural events are only one step apart.

The Blue Church in Clausthal Zellerfeld

The largest wooden church in Central Europe is located in Clausthal Zellerfeld. The church “Zum Heiligen Geist” built in baroque style overlooks the town hall square of the village. It was built in 1692 and has about 2200 seats. The church, painted blue, is highly visible to visitors today. However, the church was not always painted blue. In the course of time it changed colour several times, for example to grey or ochre yellow.

From Clausthal Zellerfeld you quickly reach the villages Hahnenklee, Altenau and the hiking centre Torfhaus in the national park.

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