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Harzer Grenzweg

Harzer Grenzweg – a connection of the biotopes of the Harz Mountains


Harzer Grenzweg – Walking through recent history

The border tower Rhoden forms the starting point for the approximately 90 km long border path in north-south direction from Fallstein at Bad Harzburg to Tettenborn at Bad Sachsa. Guiding the hiker with the green ribbon on the map of Germany along a nature conservation project, the path, marked with a G, leads along the former inner-German border. The Harzer Grenzweg was created as part of an initiative of the German Association for Environmental Protection and Nature Conservation, with the active assistance of the eager hiker Brocken-Benno. The trail connects numerous biotopes in the Harz Mountains, where many endangered animal and plant species have been preserved. You should bring enough stamina with you, because the border path is quite demanding in parts.

Enjoy exceptional nature and experience history

The Harzer Grenzweg offers more than just information about the German division. Along the way, information boards provide all kinds of interesting facts about the landscape, history and culture of the Harz Mountains. The hiker passes the Eckertalsperre and can climb the Scharfenstein, from where there is a wonderful panoramic view over mixed and deciduous forests and impressive rocky cliffs. Then we continue to Brocken and finally to the historically important monastery Walkenried, whose ruins one should definitely visit.

The Grenzweg is a panoramic long-distance hiking trail with impressive nature, historical border marks and interesting cultural monuments. It combines history and landscape into a unique and valuable experience.

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