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Winter hike Wolfswarte – through forests and over frosty rocks


Hike through deserted nature to one of the most beautiful vantage points in the Harz mountains: The Wolfswarte has its own charm, especially in winter.

Climb wild forest and rock landscapes and enjoy breathtaking views

The howling of wolves you will probably not experience on this challenging hiking tour through the core area of the Harz National Park despite the name, because they were exterminated in the whole mountains. It would be extremely exciting to meet the impressive predators in the deep snow or at least to be able to spot their tracks in the winter landscape.

The hiking centre Torfhaus is the starting and end point of the route. First the trail leads southwest along the cultural monument Dammgraben through flake-covered fir forests, interspersed with old beeches, up to Bruchberg. The barely wooded plateau is immersed in frosty splendour, the surrounding extensive forests and moors have fallen into hibernation.

Northeast of the summit is the highest point of the mountain: the panoramic cliff Wolfswarte. Its quartzite rock can be covered with ice and slippery at this time of year, which is why solid soles with a lot of profile are indispensable for hikers. One day hunters were waiting on the cliff to attract and kill wolves with their baits, hence their name. If it is not covered by winter fog, one gets a unique view of the Brocken from the rugged and exposed rock massif, in the direction of the village Altenau and of the icy Okerstausee.

Wolfswarte – on stony paths back down to the valley

The path now leads downwards again on stony paths through wetlands through which icy brooks flowed and passes the Clausthal flood ditch on the eastern slope of the Bruchberg, lined with spruce trees and, depending on the weather conditions, covered with ice floes. This technical masterpiece was created in 1827 to supply energy to the silver mines at Clausthal Zellerfeld. In front of the constantly dripping ditch system in the middle of the moor-covered area one should be safe at this time of year, frost and snow have let it come to rest. Going further north one finally gets back to Torfhaus.

It is the quiet originality of great nature coupled with sporting challenges and the exploration of evidence of the long settlement and economic history of the Harz Mountains that makes the winter hike to the Wolfswarte an outstanding experience.

Wintertour zur Wolfswarte
16,5 km / 4,5 - 5,5h
Torfhaus - Wolfswarte - Clausthaler Flutgraben - Torfhaus
Tour-Level: mittel/moderate
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