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Hiking in Schierke

Circular hike Schierke – Adventure Loneliness


A perfect impression of the beauty of the Harz can be gained by hiking in Schierke at the foot of the Brocken. The small district, which belongs to the town Wernigerode, offers an ideal starting point for an adventure hike far away from everyday life. Surrounded by the Harzer Hexenstieg, a hiking trail that crosses the area over a total length of 97 kilometres, you can spontaneously find new and exciting ways to discover nature on your own.

Hiking in Schierke – Experience sublimity

On half roads to the Brocken, the so-called “Brockenkinder” are located, a rock formation of granite. Already at this point it becomes clear to the enthusiastic hiker that the Harz Mountains offer unique opportunities to escape civilization in the shortest possible time. The rocks stand in the middle of a breathtaking landscape that does not even suggest that people live in the immediate vicinity. Those who know film adaptations of Astrid Lindgren’s books, such as “Ronja the Robber’s Daughter”, and who love the Scandinavian forests will definitely get their money’s worth here, because the sight that offers itself is in no way inferior to the Nordic landscapes.

Brocken children at Schierke
Brocken children near Schierke

On the so-called Pfarrstieg one walks along the impressive Zeternklippen. On this path you will soon reach the Ahrensklint, an 822 metre high cliff, from where you can enjoy the magnificent view of Schierke in the valley, Wurmberg and, in good weather conditions, even the top of the Brocken. In the late Middle Ages this rock, together with the surrounding forest, passed into the possession of the Count of Stolberg-Wernigerode, who organised intensive hunts here – alone and with many aristocrats of the surrounding area – in which the cliff offered an excellent overview of the entire hunting ground. After the ascent of the ladder, the wonderful view invites you to take a break and have a picnic. Take a few deep breaths and enjoy the wonderful air, save the pictures in your head and then descend again.

Discover history

If one follows the Pfarrstieg further along the tracks of the Harzer Schmalspurbahn, one approaches the Schierke railway station, on which only trains with steam locomotives running up to the Brocken run in regular traffic. If you stand by the tracks here and wait for a train to arrive, you immediately feel like you are in the late 19th century, the time when the station was put into operation. The station building, the steaming trains, the smell of the burning coal, even the clothes of the conductors – everything gives you the impression that you have travelled through time.

Somewhat north of the station is the landmark of the place – the Schierker Feuerstein rock. Completely surrounded by forest, the impressive granite rock rises on a clearing above the village. An attached plaque lets the visitor know that Goethe conducted geological studies here in 1784, together with painter Georg Melchior Kraus. The tranquillity and tranquillity that emanates from this place makes it a wonderful place to linger after a hike, to breathe undisturbed again and to come to terms with the impressions gained.

Conclusion: If you want to actively hide the world and everyday life and experience nature in its pure form, there are limitless possibilities here.

Tour data hiking in Schierke:
14.5 km: Schierke station – Jakobsbruch – Brocken children – Zeternklippen – Glashüttenweg – Pfarrstieg – Schierke station

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