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Enjoy Wellness & Nature in the Harz


Short vacation in the Harz – time to breathe deeply

It is not for nothing that the Harz is considered one of the most attractive holiday regions in Germany. Here not only the quiet and mysterious landscape is waiting to be discovered. A multitude of leisure and entertainment offers and numerous cultural highlights are just as typical for the region as peace and quiet and cosiness. Whether you want to enjoy nature or spend a relaxing weekend in Wellness in the Harz, Germany’s northernmost low mountain range has a lot to offer. The Harz is famous for its enchanting atmosphere, which skillfully combines sporting activities with deep relaxation and recreation – and leaves a lasting impression (at the end of the article you will find links to thermal baths and sauna landscapes in the Harz ).

Wellness Wellness in the Harz

Many hotels and resorts in the Harz region specialise in wellness and offer a wide range of wellness and spa offers for your well-being. In a cosy or luxurious ambience you can relax and enjoy a beneficial treatment in connection with the healthy healing climate of the Harz Mountains. Beauty, health and recreation are the focus of a Wellnesshotel in the Harz. Treat yourself to a wellness massage, take a few laps in the pool or simply relax in the sauna. And in the evening, the day ends with a romantic candlelit dinner in the hotel’s own gourmet restaurant.

Out of the everyday stress …

The hectic everyday life demands a lot from us. During this time, many people dream of simply putting their legs up and letting themselves be pampered. Although this is unfortunately not always and everywhere possible, we should nevertheless treat ourselves to something from time to time. Be it a wellness weekend planned at short notice or just one or two days of all-round relaxation. If you’ve been longing for a break for a long time or can’t get enough of a wellness holiday, a Wellness Resort or a 5-star wellness hotel in the Harz mountains is the place for you.

… pure nature

Especially for nature lovers the Harz is an attractive destination. Wellness in the Harz Mountains in combination with hiking is becoming more and more popular. The landscape with its romantic forests and eerily beautiful moorland invites you to hike and move. The fact that also active holiday-makers in the Harz do not come too briefly, show long-distance footpaths like the Via Romea or the Karstwanderweg. A wide network of paths leads nature-loving hikers through quiet valleys and deep gorges up to the peaks of the highest low mountain range in northern Germany. It is also worth visiting the Rübeländer or Iberg stalactite caves. After an eventful day you can look forward to a relaxing massage or an excellent dinner in your 4-star wellness hotel in the Harz Mountains.

Wellness im Harz
Ulmer Weg

Rugged and windy – Northern Germany’s highest mountain

The hub of this incomparable holiday region is the Harz National Park with the 1,141-metre-high Brocken. A Brocken tour is one of the highlights of every Harz trip. Hikers can choose between routes with different levels of difficulty. For those who don’t want to hike, we recommend a ride on the famous Brockenbahn, which climbs the summit daily with its 700 hp steam locomotive. So you can relax and enjoy the overwhelming panorama in the Harz National Park.

Sages & myths – fairytale staged

The Harz is an almost inexhaustible source for legends, legends and fairy tales. On the one hand there are the old imperial legends, which entwine themselves around Heinrich IV. or Friedrich Barbarossa. In some places this lost time is not only more beautifully represented than it was, but also longed for again. On the other hand, like no other German low mountain range, the Harz stands for the mystical and mysterious – as the centre of witchcraft and devilish activities. And there’s almost no place that can’t contribute to this myth. In the heart of the Harz Mountains, the legendary witches’ dance floor at Thale offers mystical moments.

Wellness im Harz
Oderteich: Bathing in summer

Culture and Tradition …

Every year numerous visitors are drawn to the historic towns with their charming half-timbered flair. In the north of the Harz Mountains lies the thousand-year-old Emperial City of Goslar with its cultural treasures and a beautiful inner city. On the market square, a glockenspiel in the gable of a house still tells the story of Rammelsberg mining by letting its figures run four times a day.

… and of which abundant

Also worth seeing is the city Wernigerode with its historic city centre. It is not for nothing that it is called the “Colourful City in the Harz Mountains”. In addition to the leaning house, the smallest house and the oldest house, there are many other special features in the tranquil city. The castle, which towers majestically over the lavishly restored half-timbered houses and attracts visitors with originally furnished rooms of the high nobility, also offers a terrace and pleasure garden. When the weather is fine, you can combine a stroll through the town with the circular hiking trail “Garden Dreams in the Harz Mountains”.

S something special in every season

Thickly wrapped in boots and jacket, we walk along the creek, which gurgles quietly under a thin blanket of ice. The ice crystals sparkle like diamonds on the branches of ancient fir trees in the sun. Extensive sleigh rides and cross-country skiing tours through snow-covered forests like in a picture book are by no means all winter has to offer for a wellness holiday in the Harz Mountains. In the cold season, the Harz seems anything but sad and dreary. On the contrary, right now he’s showing a whole new, delightful face. The Harz is so incredibly versatile. Whether you are planning an active holiday or a relaxing weekend, a trip to wellness in the Harz Mountains can be combined with beautiful nature experiences in a fantastic landscape.

Spa & sauna landscapes in the Harz Mountains : Therme Thale & Sole Therme Bad Harzburg

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